Let my skill and experience help you find solutions

Consultation and Training Services MMD Oy
Merja Munnukka-Dahlqvist, Master of Social Sciences, Social Psychologist,
Advanced Specialist Level Trauma Psychotherapist, Specialist Level Crisis
Psychotherapist, NLP master, EMDR facilitator (EMDR Institute), certified EMDR, Consultant (EMDR Europe).
Through us you also have access to the services of other senior cosultants in the MMD Oy networks.


Nature, beauty and harmony bring us energy, joy and strength. Consultation and Training Services MMD Oy will help you find solutions that will increase your effectiveness, success, energy, well-being and joy both in the workplace and life in general. Let me help you remove the obstacles blocking your flow of energy and positive growth and development. These obstacles can exist in individuals, in their interaction, in the dynamics of a group or a team, in the dynamics between groups, in organizational structures, culture, values, management, work briefs or business strategies.

My services have been honed through years of experience, client feedback and ongoing training and supervision. These services will support, help and guide you through processes of change, accompanying you on your journey towards a better future.

Since its founding in 1990, Consultation and Training Services MMD Oy has worked with numerous partners and clients in the fields of HR and HRD, has actively participated in the development of know-how in crisis and trauma psychotherapy and the applications of EMDR, and has been offering psychotherapy services, training and consultation services and supervision.

In HR and HRD services, I work in accordance with the objectives set by the management of the client organization. I work with clients to strengthen and clarify the basic tasks and improve the organization’s effectiveness and success while maintaining well-being.