Organizational development, supervision of leadership and management, coaching.

  • Personal assessments, psychological tests, resource assessments, supervising management trainee systems, career counselling and relocation
  • Leadership consultation processes to support the management of change, changes of strategies in different fields, supervision of excecutive groups, development of leadership skills
  • Supervision and support for new management staff
  • Solving crises and conflicts in organizations, finding solutions, debriefing and negotiating new ground rules
  • Using job satisfaction surveys to assess workplace atmosphere and to create and implement development programmes both for staff and management/leadership
  • Individual and group supervision for management/leadership for developing leadership skills and managing change
  • Worked as a supervisor for Henry ry (The Finnish association for human resources management) for 15 years
  • Organizational development work in various organizations
  • Team coaching
  • Coaching in organizatinal skills, management and employee skills and communication and interaction skills
  • Coaching in occupational well-being and management of work-related stress
  • Supporting managerial staff coping with crises and burnout
  • Management training (e.g. basic management tasks, leadership skills, giving feedback, listening skills, understanding and utilizing differences in teams, creating and implementing core values in organizational units, conflict management and resolution, managing change, giving notice to employees, coaching for change, development discussion coaching)
  • Coaching for change

Trauma therapy and EMDR therapy supervision and trainings

  • Trauma therapy and EMDR therapy supervision since 2000. Individual and group supervision for psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, crisis workers, volunteers and professional helpers. Possibility for regular supervision or single consultations
  • Discussing client cases, following up on and developing trauma treatment methods, treatment need assessments
  • Training on effects of trauma and trauma treatment since 1990 for both professional and volunteer helpers and staff of various organizations and church social work
  • Trainings in prevention of vicarious traumatization and compassion fatigue for various organizations
  • Consultation required for EMDR certification in accordance with EMDR Finland and EMDR Europe certification guidelines and standards. Recommendations for certification as an EMDR therapist
  • EMDR Level I and Level II consultation (the EMDR instute requires a total of 10 hours of consultation from a certifed consultant during the basic training)
  • Board member and press officer of EMDR Finland for 8 years, Honorary Member of EMDR Finland, active participant in the EMDR Europe board
  • An expert member of Henkinen tuki katastrofi- ja onnettomuustilanteissa (Psychosocial care in crises and accidents) project of the Finnish Red Cross, The Finnish Association for Mental Health and the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare
  • the State Award for Public Information in 1995 for the book Takaisin elämään- henkinen tuki ja onnettomuudet (Back to Life – psychosocial care and disasters)

Trauma therapy and EMDR therapy

  • Trauma therapy with clients since 1995. Kela-funded long rehabilitative psychotherapy and trauma-focused EMDR treatment for PTSD. Body-oriented therapy

A bibliography of articles and books here.