Senior Consultant Merja Munnukka-Dahlqvist

I am senior consultant Merja Munnukka-Dahlqvist, Master of Social Sciences, Social Psychologist, Advanced Specialist Level Trauma Psychotherapist, Specialist Level Crisis Psychotherapist, NLP master, EMDR facilitator (EMDR Institute, Certified EMDR Consultant (EMDR Europe).

I work as a senior consultant. In my work, I help my clients in various difficult situations both at their work and in their lives. My clients include different kinds of organizations, businesses, training and development units as well as individuals who need help and support. Since 1985, I have also done HR and HRD work in different roles and multiple organizations.

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I work in two fields. Firstly, I work as a consultant to help organizations and workplaces function better (OD), and also to help managers develop their leadership skills. In this HRD work, I use all the tools, training and skills I have acquired over the years. You may read more on this (in Finnish) in Työn Tuuli 2/2013 published by Henkilöstöjohdon ryhmä Henry ry.


Practical tools used

  • Social psychology theories and framework
  • NLP tools
  • Tools originating from various psychotherapy frameworks (e.g. cognitive, psychodynamic, systemic and family therapy, networking, body-oriented therapy frameworks, crisis and trauma therapy), which are well adaptable for use both in individual and group supervision etc.
  • Action research, organizational development
  • jApplication of management systems into leadership work and practical experience of organizations
  • Assessment skills concerning individuals, groups, relationships between groups and the functioning of organizations facing change or crises

My second profession is that of a trauma psychotherapist (Advanced Specialist Level Trauma Psychotherapist, Specialist Level Crisis Psychotherapist). As a psychotherapist, I am approved to provide KELA-reimbursed psychotherapy. I have provided psychotherapy to clients since 1995. At present, in addition to doing client work, I concentrate on supervision. In my psychotherapy work, I mainly use body-oriented methods and EMDR. I offer the consultation required for EMDR certification in accordance with EMDR Finland and EMDR Europe certification guidelines and standards. For more information on certification requirements, visit and

In my work, I have always strived to find the best, highest-quality and most sustainable solutions for my clients and to offer them support both in long-lasting client relationships as well as situations that require brief crisis intervention and support.

Long-lasting client relationships attest to the fact that, in cooperation with my clients, we have found solutions that work for them.