Supervision for trauma psychotherapists and EMDR consultation (for certification purposes)

Supervision for trauma psychotherapists and EMDR consultation, trainings.

I offer supervision for trauma psychotherapists and EMDR practicioners. Individual and group supervision is available for psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, crisis workers, volunteer helpers and professional helpers. You may choose both regularly scheduled supervison or one-time consultation visits. You can ask for an offer for the kind of supervision you need.

I also offer client case consultation, help you to keep up with recent trauma treatment methods and develop your treatment methods, and assist you in evaluating treatment needs. My objective here is professional development and management of work-related stress as well as the reinforcement of your professional identity as a psychotherapist. I am also an expert on body-centered approaches (e.g. sensorimotor psychotherapy) and the use of EMDR as a part of psychotherapeutic treatment or crisis work. Prevention of vicarious traumatization is another field I work in.

I offer Consultation required for EMDR certification in accordance with EMDR Finland and EMDR Europe certification guidelines and standards. Recommendations for certification as an EMDR therapist. For more information on certification requirements, visit and

EMDR Level I and Level II consultations (the EMDR instute requires a total of 10 hours of consultation from a certifed consultant during the basic training). I am also certified to work as a facilitator at EMDR trainings.


Perheterapia (Family therapy journal) 1/14. Author. Merja Munnukka-Dahlqvist. Riittävä läsnäoleva vuorovaikutus traumojen hoidon psykoterapiassa. (Sufficient therapeutic presence and interaction in the psychotherapeutic treatment of trauma)

Suuronnettomuustilanteiden kriisityö. Tammi 2009. Merja Munnukka-Dahlqvist kirjoittaja – EMDR fokusoitu traumaterapiamenetelmä. (Merja Munnukka-Dahlqvist, author of a chapter on EMDR as a focused trauma therapy method in the book Crisis work in major disasters, Tammi 2009)

Other activities

Board member and press officer of EMDR Finland for 8 years, Honorary Member of EMDR Finland, active participant in the EMDR Europe board.

An expert member of Henkinen tuki katastrofi- ja onnettomuustilanteissa (Psychosocial care in crises and accidents) project by Finnish Red Cross, The Finnish Association for Mental Health and the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare.

The State Award for Public Information in 1995 for the book Takaisin elämään- henkinen tuki ja onnettomuudet (Back to Life – psychosocial care and disasters).